Naked Pools releases latest in Fresh Water Sanitisation

Naked Pools, a Gold Coast company with offices in Melbourne will be showcasing the NKD1 system, the latest in Fresh Water, Digital Sanitisers for the swimming pool and spa industry at the August Pool & Spa show in Melbourne.
NKD1 is a true eco-friendly system requiring far less maintenance than traditional sanitisers. This hybrid swimming pool and spa sanitisation system uses a combination of copper and silver ionisation as well as oxidation to treat the water. This delivers up to 70% less salt/mineral levels than its rivals, resulting in record low levels of chlorine being produced. So not only is your water healthier and cyrstal clear, it means your equipment and pool surrounds will last much longer due to the freshness of the water.

The healthier lifestyle choice.
Taking into account one in three Australians have some kind of skin condition, or suffer from asthma, the less chlorine present in the water the less irritable the skin or breathing will be. Due to extremely low amounts of salt and minerals present in a NAKED pool, the water is best described as swimming in a fresh water stream with no traces of chlorine or smell, and it’s great for the environment too!

CLEAN • PURE • SIMPLE – The NKD1 system is designed to be exactly that. Providing crystal clear water that is free of any harmful bacteria or harsh chemicals while being extremely simple to use and maintain along with half the running costs of almost all its competitors. The product is APVMA approved and will be available for the upcoming season.

About Naked Pools
With more than 40 years combined experience of manufacturing, distribution and service in the swimming pool industry, Naked Pools is a certified SPASA Australia member and will embrace key industry partners to move our industry forward into the future. We work and support key builders and distributors to offer new technologies that will offer more variety and greater benefits to their end customers.

For additional information, please visit or call 1800 625 331

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